*« Through the study, we were able to perceive a presence rate of about 75% of POS advertising. Insights allowed us to carry out a specific action with each network, so that the buyers take action with their point of sale and that they display the POS advertising when it was not the case. »*Discover the customer testimonial of Antoine Seux, Head of Sales France at Tonies.


Tonies sells cube shaped story-telling machines for children, powered by figurines. Each figurine is associated with a story or a song, allowing children to have access to a multitude of contents. Already popular in Germany, the company is now targeting the French market by displaying its products in various specialized supermarkets.


There are many challenges in specialized supermarkets. More specifically, in the toy market, sales are spread over several distribution channels (supermarkets, hypermarkets, online, etc.), so competition is strong. Moreover, this market is subject to a strong seasonality of products with a significant increase in sales for the Christmas season. In-store execution is therefore more than essential to differentiate itself during that period.

THE STUDY: check the presence and proper functioning of the POS displays

To ensure its successful execution in-store, Tonies used Insights by Mobeye to verify the following three points:1) Proper reception of products in store.2) The presence of the products on the shelf.3) The correct functioning of the test products.4 GSS brands targeted and 300 stores visited: Fnac, Oxybul, Boulanger and Maxi Toys.The study allowed Tonies to have a detailed vision of its on-shelf performance for each brand. On average, the displays were present in 75% of the cases, but there were disparities between retailers. An image bank was also available with photos of each shelf.


After this study, Tonies was able to implement actions directly in the stores where the presence rate was not satisfying, so that the retailers would take out the displays, and thus increase the presence of their products on the shelves.