Several brands claim parity between the prices of drive-throughs and the prices of the physical stores. But is this really the case? This is what we wanted to ensure with our partner Datagram, a specialist in e-commerce data. To do so, we have chosen 10 key consumer products, whose prices are more closely reviewed by similar types of retailers and consumers. In mid-July, Mobeye collected the prices of these 10 products in 60 hypermarkets, while Datagram extracted the prices on the corresponding drive-throughs.

Overall price parity respected

In 71% of the cases, the price of the drive-throughs is identical to the price in store. However, there are disparities depending on the brand. Intermarché is the best performer, as the prices are perfectly identical in physical stores and in the drive-throughs in nearly 90% of cases. As for Carrefour, Leclerc and Auchan, the prices are also aligned globally speaking but with a difference of some cents.On the other hand, Géant Casino has a very different strategy, as the pricing in the drive-through isn’t in keeping with the prices in stores: in nearly three-quarters of the cases, there is a difference of more than 5 cents between the drive-through and its store.

Géant Casino: a distinct strategy

At Géant, drive-through prices are set at the national level. Your pack of Nutella Biscuits will cost you 2.87 € whether you pick it up in a drive-through in Brittany or in a drive-through in Savoie. On the other hand, you shall pay 3.16€ if you go shopping in a store at Brest and 3.22€ at the Géant Casino in Annemasse.

Géant has decided to lower its prices in the drive-through, with more or less significant differences depending on the references. For the 10 references that were tracked, the total was 59.61€ in the drive-through, compared to an average of 62.87€ in store, which amounts to 5% less online.

On certain references, such as Elle&Vire butter or a bottle of Coca-Cola, Géant is in line with or ahead of the most competitive chains. On the other hand, in terms of other references such as President butter or Petit Ecolier cookies, the price remains higher compared to other chains.

Would you like to know what prices are charged for your products in the drive-through and at physical stores?

Photo credit: Le journal de l'éco