Roamler & Mobeye are joining forces to create a european champion of crowdsourcing

“For the past 8 years, we have been working to provide our clients with innovative and effective solutions that meet their growth needs.” - states Augustin Rudigoz, CEO of Mobeye - “Being able to rely on the Roamler European community and their knowledge of each market, enables us in offering our customers even more effective solutions at a global level.”

Augustin Rudigoz, CEO de Mobeye

Selon Roamler, Mobeye apporte son expertise technologique complémentaire tout particulièrement sur la reconnaissance d'images et Focus (outil dédié aux forces de vente). Mobeye, de son côté, profitera de la structure européenne de Roamler afin d'accélérer son développement avec notamment l’intégration de nouvelles fonctionnalités.

« Mobeye, en plus de sa connaissance et de son leadership sur le marché français, a développé des solutions technologiques complémentaires aux nôtres, qui viennent compléter l’offre européenne du Groupe Roamler à destination du Retail. »

Jeroen ten Have, CEO de Roamler

David Viles, Managing Director of the European Retail division at Roamler, sees this acquisition as a valuable opportunity for both companies to grow:

“Roamler and Mobeye, also share a future-oriented mindset.”- states Jeroen ten Haave, CEO of Roamler. “A sustainable approach to business is key to keep growing in the right way. As entrepreneurs we should all be committed to work for the present, while building a future which provides opportunities of growth and development for all of us.”

“We are so excited to have joined forces with Mobeye who offer a host of complementary services and clients to work together with. We share very similar values, are like-minded, people orientated and have a strong growth agenda.”

Mobeye qui compte à ce jour 34 collaborateurs, restera dirigée par ses cofondateurs; qui poursuivront le développement de la société aux côtés de Roamler; et conservera l'intégralité de ses équipes en place. L'équipe Mobeye travaillera en étroite collaboration avec l’entité française de Roamler basée à Lyon (composée de 12 personnes).Ce rachat permettra de renforcer l’étendue des services proposés aux clients avec la force combinée des deux acteurs majeurs du marché Français.


Founded in 2011, Roamler provides businesses with B2B Crowd-supported solutions, answering the industry’s call for efficiency by managing a large network of on-demand professionals and trained shoppers. These “Roamlers" are recruited and organised according to skillset, experience and physical location before being matched to a variety of tasks. This helps businesses increase their flexibility and provides professionals with a wider range of personal and professional growth opportunities.These ‘Roamlers’ are recruited and organized according to skillset, experience and physical location before being matched to a variety of ‘tasks’. This helps businesses increase flexibility and provides professionals with a wider range of personal and professional growth opportunities. Roamler is the European leader in crowd-based field-marketing activities, performing tasks for the biggest FMCG manufacturers, consumer brands, PCGs and retail chains.

Since 2016, Roamler is also active in crowd-supported technical solutions such as installations, service and repairs, executed by network of certified professionals spread across the Netherlands, the UK and Germany.

In 2018, Roamler launched the first-ever venture to increase flexibility and efficiency in the home care and healthcare industries, by leveraging the power of a large network of professional caregivers active across the Netherlands.

In 2020, Roamler received a 20M euros funding from Endeit Capital, Smartfin and Achmea Innovation Fund and ranked among the top three fastest-growing scale-ups in Europe.