« In just one year, 9 French households out of 10 have bought at least once an organic food product. The evolution of the amounts spent per buyer is also remarkable with an increase of 21,20€ to reach 134,30€ . It may also be noted that organic products’ sales have increased by 23% on this same channel » (P2 Total Cumulative 2019, source Nielsen).

Following our recent articles in September 2017 and January 2018 on different topics about organic products in hypermarkets, supermarkets but also organic Pure Players, many clients contacted us to work on implantation studies about their organic products. Now is the time to review the strategic development of the organic sector.

First of all, is my category present in the organic aisle of all POS*?

To answer this question, I have developed an exhaustive database on 5 hypermarket chains (POS by POS). Here are, exclusively, an overview of the current situation of the organic aisle, on the fourth quarter of 2018.

MOBEYE, as a specialist of POS execution, has conducted a survey on 950 consumers, during 2 weekends (to include demonstrations) in order to compare on the one hand consumers expectations, and on the other hand, to check the discount in-store in hypermarkets.

*Points of sale


Reading key: organic sweet grocery is present in the “organic aisle” in 100% of Auchan stores, whereas organic eggs are present in the “organic aisle” in 2 Auchan stores out of 3.



You can see here two nice implantation examples of retailers that show most categories in the organic aisle.